Senior Product & Project Manager Payroll SW industry - Madrid [Staffed on June 26th 2018]

30 - April - 2018

Senior Product & Project Manager

# Context

Founded in 2016, Rollbox ( is an international smart API payroll engine. Our aim is to fully automate, reduce the time and money and simplify HR processes and particularly payroll ones. Rollbox API is able to connect with any software and reduce more than 70% of the time and money a company spends in its payroll.

At present, more than 500 companies in several European countries rely on our decisive process to automate their payroll, thank to our aptitude for innovation, commitment, availability and attention to detail.

Now, we are 14 people in the Rollbox team in continuous growth, so, we are always looking for talent that wants to develop and grow at the same time that we do.

# Key Responsibilities and Skills

  • Listen and talk to different stakeholders (internally and in our clients organization) in order to understand the need, design and implement the solution.
  • Lead teammates to ensure goals achievement.
  • Define, plan and monitor roadmap and projects progress.
  • Able to define processes to ensure we productize Rollbox.
  • Process big amounts of data and use it to take decisions.

# Requirements

  • + 5 years of experience (do not worry if you do not meet this full requirement of +5 years, but tell us how and why you got here).
  • Significant experience in the technology industry or similar (ERP, API, SaaS, Computer Science, WebServices, …)
  • Education within Engineering and/or Business administration, but it does not matter if you do not meet this requirement, we are flexible to value other knowledge!
  • Talent to coordinate teams from different disciplines.
  • Contribute creativity, innovation and let the team know.

# Technologies/Tools Used

  • SQL Queries
  • Spreadsheet
  • Work with API’s
  • Basic programming skills

# Why Rollbox?

  • Work in a company in continuous expansion process.
  • Can learn and work with talented people in a great team atmosphere.
  • Flexible work hours in a reality-focused environment.
  • All team members will be your mentor guide, and you can receive advice and feedback to improve each day.
  • High-trust environment. We believe in giving autonomy to all our employees.
  • Many perks as team events and time for relaxation and fun.
  • And all the ideas you want to contribute to the team will be welcome!

# Process Steps

  • 30’ Interview with the project’s founders. We’ll talk about candidate/company background and candidate/company ambition.
  • 2h Product Test Case Study.
    • 1h 30’ (estimated time. You’ll have 1 day). We’ll send a case study to proof candidate's ability to analyze and productize.
    • 30’. Result Presentation.
  • 30’ Beers with Rollbox Team. We’ll evaluate cultural fit and soft skills from a different perspective.

# HR Contact and additional information

Sebastien Sanz, Ayova Executive Search |

More info about the product: